1. MacNamara Pharmacies is a family owned and run community-based pharmacy. The pharmacy, owned by John & Deirdre MacNamara, with John in Swords, & Deirdre in Raheny. They have been serving the community of Swords
  2. for 21 years.
MacNamara's is the oldest pharmacy in Swords, having taken over what was once Garveys (in 1994),  which had been at this premises for 40 years prior. We offer a high- quality & personalised service, we know our patients, and  we always act in their best interests. 

All of our staff are highly trained and are always on hand to help you with any Health queries you may have.
We provide many extra services to our patients, from Medicine usage reviews, daily monitored dosage packs, to collection and delivery of prescriptions.

We can help you source any unusual or hard-to-find medical products.