EasiMed Blister Pack

WHAT IS EasiMed?

EasiMed is a system in which your medication is repackaged into a special pouch system. Each pouch contains all the medication for a specific time of day, and is marked with the date and time that the medication should be taken.

  • Each pouch details exactly which tablets are contained within, with a description of each tablet.
  • The pouches come in a strip & in the sequential order in which the medication has to be taken.
  • The pouches are designed to tear open easily - this allows for complete ease of use.

If you are going out for the day, only the pouches you need have to be taken with you, making this system extremely flexible.


This system of packaging medication is ideal for those who

  • have multiple different medicines
  • find it hard to remember to take their medication
  • have a hard time remembering which medicine to take at what time
  • people who care for those on many medicines.


The benefits of this system are many.

  • At a glance you can see what medicines have been taken
  • its easy to use
  • it's safe
  • taking only what medication you need for a day out in a 'ready to go' strip, fits easily into a handbag
  • the medication is visible, and clearly marked with tablet description and expiry dates.

Please contact our Dublin Road branch to avail of this fantastic EasiMed system.